Monday, December 01, 2008

Turkey comas on a plane are no fun

I had yet another terrific trip home to the mitten world, 
where the skies are gray unless you desire a good game of football in nasty weather. Then they will be beautiful and sunny. None the less, Thanksgiving was a blessing, a chance to see my family and friends that does not come enough. Medium and I were treated to a Red Wings game by young Patrice on Friday. There lil Patrick asked us to be co-best men for his wedding, an honor accepted dutifully.

Saturday was the epic football game(s). I think all told we got 19 or 20 guys to show up and give 4 or 5 hours in exchange for a weeks worth of pain and agony. The plays were epic, the scores were epic, the hits more epic, the ball hits... less than epic but more frequent. I think next year we might need to start wearing cups.

Saturday night proved to be just as much fun. Lots of good friends for good beer, stories and antics. What can you say about a night that ends with girls sneaking beer out of the bar in their purse so we can play beer pong with two bottle caps taped together?

I will write up a music review and another winter beer review this week before I go to D.C. Come to think of it, maybe I won't... but I promise I'll try.



Newman said...

Wait wait wait... you weren't wearing a cup?

Krissy said...

my purse STILL stinks of beer. brilliant idea.