Sunday, December 21, 2008

30 lbs. Short of a Six Pack: Full Moon

(30 lbs. Short of a Six Pack is a recurring feature which reviews a beer from the point of view of a guy who knows nothing about beer except for that he loves it. And it loves him. So go quench your thirst my friends.)

Once upon a winter dreary,
I drank a beer, taste twas so cheery.
First sip filled my lips with a hint of orange,
an abbey ale, oh Belgium it was born.

Yes for this review, I rhyme for you,
a Blue Moon brew, winter ale, shall do.

Roasted malts, dark sugar and spices,
not the summer drink we enjoy with orange slices.
This ale claims right on the label to be full bodied,
for my taste buds it tis light, not too heavy nor shoddy.

Yes a true mix of malts and hearty carbonation,
the dark brown bottle hints of a classy persuasion.

When it gets warm, drinks a bit watery and old,
keep her in a glass, frosty and cold.
With instructions as these you'll notice true qualities,
medium hops, mild barley, makes for a drink quite caramely.

In summary I think this beer is rated just "OK",
but screw me, I'm a jerk, what does TSOFan0000 from Beer Advocate have to say?

Pours a clear, amber color with nice carbonation. I was expecting a slight haze from it, but this looks to be very well filtered.

Sweet malts dominate the nose. Almost bock-like. Some toastiness is also present, but mostly sweet malts and a hint of candi sugar.

Very light in the mouth. Some nuttiness to it, sweet malts once again dominate, but a very light beer. Not flawed in any way, just not memorable in any way either.

Overall, a very drinkable beer.

So for you, I wish Holiday cheer and drinkable beer,
great food with friends and gay times which don't end.

Till the new year I say have a good night,
I gotta go pack and catch my next flight.