Thursday, December 11, 2008

3B Dream

OK, so I need everyone's help to discover the meaning behind this strange 3B dream I had last night:

It all started with Jason and I (Newman, if this isn't clear), where we lived in South Dakota. We didn't live together, we just lived in the same town. We were invited, along with everyone in 3B, to go to New Andy's ranch near Texas for some go-karting. We were invited to go Thursday-Saturday. I booked a very expensive hotel suite, and then after it was booked, Jason tried to change the dates to Friday-Sunday. I yelled at him and talked him out of changing the dates. We drove down to Texas from South Dakota in two cars (following each other) and had a fight about what interstate to take.

On the way, I called Korey, who said he probably wasn't coming. I also remember calling Bill but I'm not sure why. When we got to the suite, I checked in, and inside the room was this really hot redhead, hiding behind the kitchen counter. She worked as a bellhop at the hotel, and had folded a towel into a very intricate design around her head, and was just hiding there like the Cheshire Cat, smiling. I jumped back, and she laughed. We talked about what a strange thing that was to do, and she agreed. Then others from 3B began to arrive, and she helped them with their bags into the room. She commented that I had brought too many pillows.

I also had my mail diverted from my home with a "change of address" form. When I arrived in Texas, I already had a Newsweek magazine and two phone books, one for South Dakota, and one was the MSU Faculty that we all used to get in the dorms.

At one point after several of us were in the room, it dawned on me that we all could have just stayed with New Andy at his ranch and saved a lot of money.

Then we headed out to New Andy's ranch. It had a large go-kart track, but it was majorly banked, almost like a skateboard course from one of those Tony Hawk games. This made it very impractical for go-karts, as it was too small around, and too banked. It was also above ground...

Howie and I were racing in the go-karts, Mariokart style, and he took one of the banks too high and flew up and over. I finished the race and Dammon yelled to him, and Howie responded that he was OK, just all bumped and brused. Ron was driving the Yoshi kart, and Medium was racing him in a normal kart at this point. I was standing with Nick, New Andy, Jason, Dammon, Bill, and Anne (yes, Anne came without Korey...). There were others around different parts of the track, but we were up on the platform.

I then went back to the suite to try and have sex with the redhead, but Jason and others followed and blocked my efforts. When it was time to check out, instead of any of us packing, we just got about 10 bellhops to come and help carry all of our unpacked stuff to the cars. For some reason, I had a lot of personal items from my home, along with items from my parents home, that I wouldn't have brought. They were all unpacked. This included my step-mom's scrapbooking supplies and sheet music, all unpacked and spread out under one of the beds. I also seemed to have 7 pairs of shoes... The bellhops were givin our stuff to carry based on their arm legnth and gender. I would say something like "The female bellhop with the 2nd longest arms, come here" and a girl would run over, hug me (to show arm legnth) and then start picking up all of the stuff to take to the car.

This is when Eric and Lauren came from their room (they were the only ones to not stay in the suite, minus New Andy who stayed at his ranch) and Lauren made fun of me for having more shoes than her. She was also holding that picture frame that I "borrowed" years ago from her sister's party and we had at the 3B apt. for a while. I got in my car and started the drive back to South Dakota, and Jason got mad at me because I needed to go to the Post Office to have my mail changed back from the hotel address to my home address.


Thoughts? I believe this is somehow important, because I NEVER remember dreams. Plus it was so vivid and many of you were there.


Damman said...

Maybe it means.........
Do you dream about 3b often.......?

Ya I've got nothing Newman

Also, how did Korey and Anne get there when he said he wasn't coming?

Jason said...

Well I am clearly still a controlling asshole.

Korey is a buzzkill

Andy is rich!

Newman said...

Yeah Dammon,

No, I rarely dream about 3B. Also, Korey didn't actually come. Only Anne. No idea why that is...

Eric said...

Your dream makes a lot of sense.

Howie did have an accident in his Jeep Wrangle where he drove over the dividing wall of I-75 and flipped his car.

Jason is a controlling asshole.

Andy is going to be a rich oil tycoon.

Korey is too hollywoodish to remember us small people.

Lauren doesn't own that many shoes.

And I have always pictured you with a hot red head with long arms.