Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Man it has been forever since I wrote anything here. Our last few posts were about Andy, and I guess I just have not felt compelled to share my thoughts since we lost him this winter. In remembering Andy today, I'd just like to remind everyone to go out and live through your day with a smile; whether its a hard one or easy one, its what Andy would have done.

A lot happened in 3B Fantasy sports that I never wrote about. Mike won his second consecutive Dynasty Football championship and for that he is the first ever recipient of The Andy Minshall Trophy. That asshole also won the regular league. And he got engaged. Stupid happy jerk.

I lost the Dynasty Hockey championship to Ken, and he was awarded Zamboni's Cup, which shares time retroactively with Medium as he won last year. Pumpkin won the regular hockey league.

A lot is coming up this year again between many friends getting married, the 3B reunion being Ford's wedding, and a whole overhaul of participants for the Memorial Day Camping trip. Next year I might have to stay here and enjoy the coast.

I anxiously await September, when I get to move Nikkie down here and begin the great experiment of how many consecutive days she can tolerate me. I have it bet on somewhere around 12.