Friday, December 19, 2008

Ode to Jeep

Most who read this blog already know about my epic vehicular catastrophe last February. But in case you haven't, here's a quick recap. Driving my '99 Jeep Cherokee Classic down I-75 on the way to Medium's in the middle of last winter's final hoorah. Car in front of me spins out completely. We collide and both end up on the left shoulder. Big surprise, asshole has no license plate and drives off. In trying to escape the death trap of a highway, I get rear ended as another car tries to pass me. Long story short, there's no way to find the guy from the first accident and I get blamed for the second, it sucked but that's old news. Since then, I bought my '05 Jetta and moved on. The slick driving, gas mileage, and little perks served me well over the summer and I felt like this was an all-around upgrade in car-age. How quickly we forget.

This afternoon I had 2 errands to run, consisting of a one mile excursion to the library and post office. A simple drive that I make almost every day. Vetoed at the end of the driveway. Where my 10 year dented, paint chipped, bumpy, uneven brick could've powered through this weather without a thought, this $14000 of "German Engineering" gets stuck in a mere foot and a half of snow. I miss the Jeep. Sure I had to climb in the trunk to change cds, constantly adjust for a slight leftward pull, and it's lack of anti-lock breaks were probably what got me in that accident in the first place, but dammit, I still love ya buddy. Hope whatever pieces in whatever junkyard you find yourself in are at peace. *Salute*


Jason said...

your fuckin jeep at my hockey bag. rot in hell jeep. long live the t-bird!

Eric said...

its a good reason why you should have stuck with a chrysler product... a jeep will never let you down