Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Leading the world in selling nothing (part 2)

I want to clarify something real quick. Obviously I am for the bridge loans. I believe that the UAW has made, and is currently working to make, significant concessions. Domestic cars are vastly better in quality now than they were just a decade ago (it will just take a while for customers to realize this). It is definitely not a sure thing, but there is a strong chance that once these changes take effect on the Big 3's expenditures / profits they will become viable companies again.

I guess my real point is... the bailout and bridge loans should go together. You cannot save one flawed industry and turn around and doom another (especially when the one that has done the most work to turn itself around is the one that is at risk of not getting support). If Congress turns its back on the auto industry, they should go back and reclaim our money from the financial industry and allow it to to be broken and reborn also.

On a far less serious note, I have realized lately that I don't really like it when a girl thinks everything I say is hilarious. This is because I personally know that a lot of the things I say really aren't funny (even when I doubt the things I'm about to say are going to be funny, 75% of the time I will say them anyway... I'd rather take a chance and get a laugh than not even try). So, when I say something that I know shouldn't be that funny, and she laughs her ass off.... it makes me wonder... what's wrong here? Do you have a worse sense of what's funny and not than me? Or are you just trying far too hard... I don't want you to be trying this hard.

Love, Medium(!)