Friday, June 20, 2008


OK so thanks to sticky-handed-idiot mechanics, I have no money. I have reverse money. I need to move somewhere a little cheaper than where I live now. That is life though, and I will be better off for finding more affordable living. I will pay my debts off faster, and maybe buy a PS3?

Haha yea right. Ok here we are, a couple years into the console war and I still happily play my 360. I unlike most have not had a RROD occur, and I feel primarily it is because I A) bought a 3rd party fan for it and B) average maybe 1 hour a day if that on it. But here is the deal. On the 360 I have some exclusive games like Halo 3 and Gears of War. On the PS3 there is zero, zilch, nada I am interested in that I cannot have on the 360. Take this CNET list of the top PS3 games out there right now. On that list I think every game, at least the first 7 or 8, are all on the 360 as well.

Yea I know, Metal Gear 4 is exclusive to PS3. Well I just don't care enough to get it. Maybe if something else drew me in that I had to have.. Haze? ahhaa yea sorry I know, big joke. Possibly if Resistance 2 proves deadly, I would ante up to play both of them, but right now? I'll keep passing.

And in the mean time, I really need to stop being so pleased with running down hookers on the sidewalk in GTA4, like a month in and I'm only 60% done with it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hey today, Thanks!

Dear Diary

Today was one of those days that come along once in a long time. They test you and make you think you can take no more; nothing worse can happen to make the level of suck go higher. Now I am not talking family death or home foreclosure kind of bad, but frustrating, gnaw away at the human spirit kind of bad.

It really began Saturday, where my hockey performance was deserving of an F. Blowing a tournament was not something I had planned on doing. Well putting my car in the shop for a $800 repair was also not on my list. No biggie though, these things happen, such is life.

All set to pick up my beloved 6 today, I receive a call informing me that “Hey, thanks for that first wad of cash, but you don't get it fixed until you fork out $1,200 more.” Well that did not please me so much. I put off picking it up to the evening however, so when I received my $800 un-fixed car, I would be that much less fuming.

Well nothing could make me fume more than when I obtained said car, I realized I was dumb enough to leave my Oakleys in the car. And guess what. They be gone. Fantastic, $125 shades stolen. Try as I might, I'll never see those again.

Then I am told I was not getting an interview for the apartment I wanted downtown, and oh hey, don't forget after arriving late to my hockey game tonight because 895 was closed, I got a hockey stick stolen too.

At the end of all of this, I feel beaten, bruised, crushed. I have lost a lot of cash and effort today, my spirit is lessened considerably. But ya know what, life could be so much worse. I lost material things and my spirit grows back. Maturity has set in and I have thankful for that, I am happy for better things to come in future days.

I'd still like my Oakleys back though.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I cannot think of a song with lyrics in it about being twenty-six

Once a year you spend an entire day accepting well wishes and gleeful comments from friends and family. That day approaches for me at times as if out of nowhere, and I have a unique habit of not actually doing anything on that day, but systematically destroying my liver the night beforehand.

This year was no exception, with Baby Bop and Wesley assisting in my journey towards death by purchasing a unique and overly refined blend of alcohol for my consumption. Not only did I sample at the very least four continents of hops and barley, but the magical Blue Death from Miami made a return and assured my memory would cease to work from 3am on.

Good times were had however, as I can guarantee you will never hear a more faithful rendition of Beat It than as performed by myself with Bop on back-up vocals.

The day of birth itself? What more could I ask for than my spiritual connection to the Detroit Red Wings being even stronger? Not only did the current owning regime purchase the team on the very day of my birth, but our 11th Stanley Cup was awarded on my day this year. I will forever happily share a bond with Cup number 11.

The rest of the day was as I alluded to, uneventful. A free car wash followed by free thunderstorm and tornado warnings; more of the same ol. I did take time and think about what it means when certain people take a moment from their lives to wish you a happy day of birth and others do not. Almost assuredly, like a royal hierarchy, the closest of my companions extended 10 to 15 minutes of their lives to calling me; while an eclectic collection of good friends and others I never would imagine would stop and say hi, blessed me with a Happy Birthday. Probably the most telling event of all would be of the few women in my life I would classify myself as stricken by, not one found the time to say hello. I’ll have to write that one down somewhere.

All in all, special friends and special hockey players made me smile on June 4th. After all, one should feel special. Only about 15 million other people have that day to themselves.