Thursday, May 01, 2008

Minutes till inevitability

So I have really fallen for the new Linkin Park album Minutes Till Midnight. I really did not expect this to happen and I think I kind of even mentally positioned myself against such a desire to own another LP album.

It's not that I fell away as a fan from LP as much as I was over exposed. They really wrote what, like 25 songs, and then remixed them into 1,432 other versions over 15 other albums. I just did not dig that.

Well now after hearing Shadow of the Day and falling totally in love with it, I Pandora-ed (I think I made a new verb there) LP and heard a couple other tracks. Valentines Day is really solid and I think the whole album really deserves a lot of cred for exploring a wide array of composition and genres. I again am a fan.


Lilly said...

Its a very good album! I love it!:)