Saturday, May 03, 2008

I wanna get bruised by you

I have not had Mountain Dew in like 3 months. I mean seriously, who remembers when I had 3 a day? I wonder if I'll live 15 years longer now. Or maybe I'll be able to have kids. Either way this one tastes pretty good right now.

I just woke up from a nap so this whole rant will be particularly scattered I think. I have been pretty pissed this last week over some trash talked about me back home by ex coworkers, something I didn't provoke or deserve as far as I can figure out. I just don't get it sometimes. Drama never followed me (outside of the girls I dated) so why would this evolve when I left? I don't care too much, I have no real friends at that t-shirt shop so I don't care what they think of me, but motive intrigues me. I don't know if the rumors arise out of boredom, hate, jealousy? The day or two I flipped over it was a waste of energy as so many friends quickly chimed in to assure me on fbook, friends who while I don't talk to them but 3 messages a year digitally, pop in just when I need them and deliver a cyber high five.

Someone made the comment to me this week that I should be proud of being a self made man. I am very proud of where I am, I am very proud of what I have been through and what my "kids so bright we're gonna need shades" future holds. I however am not a self made man at all. I was never wealthy, but I was overrun with positive role models in my life, it was gluttony at best. My parents, brother, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my best friends, teachers, bosses, teammates, and cats. Seriously, I was taught how to go do the work I must, how to get into and through school, how to develop my skills, get through grad school, and find this job. A self made man has no one and no money, I am a community made man and everything I ever do will be because of them.

Max Bemis can really write songs. I don't know how his brain is wired. Yes he has been hospitalized for mental disorders and flipping out, but whatever drives that also drives his incredible prose. Out of nowhere his lyrics pull u-turns, sharp jabs, or little jokes. I am particularly enamored with the yellow disc out of Say Anything's two disc set, and I think you should be as well.


Abby said...

Loooooove max bemis. And Say Anything. :-)

Locks said...

I will have to check out max bemis.

what a great post...i love this "community-made" much more appealing than being self-made. I've met a few people that would consider themselves self-made who are ill-developed when it comes to basic decency and treating others well.

anyways, i really enjoyed this one, thanks....and don't let drama bring you down. i hate that crap.

Locks said...

Elizabeth said...

I am the same way with Diet Coke. They put crack in it. Delicious.