Friday, May 02, 2008

I was jacking cars when it was still a top down world

Actually my little brother introduced me to the GTA series back when we played video games in his blotchy grey carpeted room, on his little PS1. The glory days of top down car stealing goodness were bliss. How could you imagine the real 3D, damn near philosophically correct version we would be playing now in GTA 4?

I picked it up yesterday, snagging the second to last xbox copy Best Buy had (plenty of PS3 ones abound) and went home to play. I had soon decided this was the best game ever. How soon? I wasn't even done with the opening cinematic sequence. The art and sound design was already bigger than Iron Man will be today. R* just has class when creating.

Now I am not going to review the game, I am not a review site. If you want professional opinions on it, go read the 4 month long coverage Kotaku gave it. What I will do is assure my mother that she was one of the good parents, and these violent games make me giggle like a school girl yes, but they do not turn me into a chainsaw wielding cop killer because I was given common sense at a young age. And second, I want to push all of you to buy it because its awesome and I would enjoy playing cops n crooks with you like I did Billy Bop last night.

Trust me, you'll be seeing the lil IV icon over there on my Xbox Live tag for many a month coming up.