Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Fantasy Sports and Milwaukee '08

OK guys, some info on a few different things.
Those who took time to vote on the fantasy polls thank you. Here are some results to be digested…

60% of you think there should be fewer teams in a normal league than in a keeper league.
90% want smaller rosters in football leagues.
30% want no change in hockey rosters while 0% voted to shrink them.
72% would like to start keeper leagues fresh in the fall with whole new teams.
50% thought the ideal set up is a normal football and hockey league, with a keeper football league as well.
27% would like keeper leagues for both sports.
40% would pay $5 for normal football
27% would pay $10 for normal football
36% would pay $5 for keeper football
54% would pay $10 for keeper football
18% would pay something for hockey.

So I’ll think about and digest this over the coming weeks as should the more vocal people. I think we’ll stay at a 12 team cap for all normal leagues, and allow up to 16 for keepers, as strategy involving prospects allows for more maneuverability there.


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