Saturday, November 17, 2007

Some people are stupid.

Ok first read this ridiculous story

Now look, I'm very very sorry your daughter is dead. I'm sorry she had issues she battled. I am not defending the actions of an idiot mom of a ex-friend, that woman is moronic and needs mental help herself being that petty.

But good god, you can't press charged over messages on the internet. They didn't threaten or harm the daughter in any way. Their daughter died because of her own choice, not what someone said. If people end up getting charged over this, it's no worse than the robber who breaks in, hurts himself in your house, and then sues.

Common sense people, use it.


Andy said...

my question is, she hung herself one day, and died the next?

I have a few issues with this.

1.) A 13 year old being diagnosed with ADD and Depression. It is society's fault for thinking kids being kids is ADD, and when they get sad it is Depression. Also the long term effects of ADD drugs and Depression drugs have not been fully tested on children.

2.) If the parents truely monitored their childs internet use as they claim, why did they not talk to their child about what was going on?

3.) You can't blame myspace as the parents "knew" their child was on it, therefor the parents are giving permission. (for the issue you must be 14 to be on it).

I feel it is as much of the girl's parents fault that the girl killed herself. maybe they should sue themselves, aka just give all their money to lawers. What I think is the parent's couldnt handle raising a child, so they give their kids drugs to "control" them. Rather than dealing with the child's problems parents just give kids medicine and believe that their problems are solved. This just makes things worse and compounds all problems. That is what lead to the girl killing herself.

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