Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Home is where the beer is

I moved here on August 20 something as far as I remember, making it just about 4 months of living in Baltimore as far as I can figure. I guess I've crammed a pretty good amount into those months considering I was damn near on my death bed for one of them completely. Lessons learned:

I am happy I didn't take the leap to NYC without a job, watching the cost of living on the east coast dissolve any fiscal security I had made that very clear.

Without Zamboni I may have very well gone insane from living completely on my own for so long so far, it is not an easy adjustment for a social one like me.

Big cities are neat, especially their bar scenes that have actual authentic Irish in their Irish bars.

I need to move into the actual city and out of it's suburb, I'm far too young for this.

The women here are A) less attractive than the old college girls on a whole, and B) almost always accompanied by some form of guido.

I miss Detroit sports.

I miss hockey.

People here lift their windshield wipers up in the air if they think the temperatures call for frost in the morning. This one caused me to bust out laughing.

Too much time on your own, too many beers, and your pants don't fit.

Lessons to be noted and recalled someday as if I were a notable scholar I am sure. So I go back home Saturday and hope to see many in EL sat and sun, maybe a few in Roch wed?