Friday, November 16, 2007

Vacation time

I fly back to Michigan this coming tuesday and it looks to be a whirlwind. This is my schedule...

Tuesday night, xbox party with whomever gets out to my brothers place
Wen, turkey with Dad
Thur, turkey with Mom
Fri, football in Roch, then bars in Roch
Sat, EL
Sun, fly back to Balti

Join in on that friday and saturday stuff!

Next up lets talk 3B bar crawl. Ko and I discussed this the other night, and I think I came up with a fair solution. There are a certain amount of us who always go to the bar crawl and there are some of us who are considered founding members of the group. That complied list gives us 13 guys I would care to have the opinion of in where we go yearly. No tertiary friends, no girlfriends, only we decide. That said, yearly, each person pitches an idea or obstains from doing so. Once the list of ideas is complied, the group each votes on one not theirs. This is all done in correspondence with me so no one is voting on a poll and swaying it or whatever. I'd say its the most democratic way to do it. That said, lets hear some ideas.


Andy said...

I dont mind where it is at. As long as I dont end up spending a buttload of money to stay somewhere. Hopefully by the time of the next bar crawl I will be healthy enough to have a good time.
The only time I can think of that is bad for me is the 4th of July weekend. That weekend I always go to my grandparents and spend time with the family.