Friday, November 16, 2007

balti, balmo, "the town that reads"

It dawned on me just now, I created this thing a year ago so we would stay in touch as we all spread out, and I never even took the time to write about what I'm doing. Most of you know and a lot of you know more than others, but why not just air all the dirty garbage right here right now.

Yea I was going to go to NYC and live with Fordy, pray for a job and chase a girl way to young for me, but that all changed when I got the job offer of a lifetime in Baltimore. I took it in August and set everything up pretty quickly. Below are a couple shots of the place I'm living. I am about 10 min southwest of Balti, 25 min north of D.C.

My job is as solid as they come. I work in the media brokerage industry, a very small one to say the least. We facilitate the sale of radio and tv stations. Anywhere from big business like a $140 million deal I was looking at today, to a small mom and pop AM radio station in Scatchard worth $500,000. My job is as an analyst, I have to learn the ins and outs of every market and deal they ask me to know, so I can be their expert, their second brain on any topic. Its really cool and my goal is to be a big million dollar broker myself in a few years. They really educate me as if I'm getting a free continuation of my masters, which is sweet. They are also the nicest people in the world, taking me to sports games and oh yea, giving me this private office.

Well dudes, I miss ya all, and cant wait to see the trouble makers I get a chance to this next week.