Monday, November 24, 2008

Here Comes Newman!

I just want to let everyone in 3B know... and by "everyone" I mean Jason and Dammon it seems... that I, Newman, will now be slightly more active in this blog! I am making this decision after getting a random, weird invite on facebook from Jason. I normally delete these right away, cause I don't enjoy becoming an elf on someones trek to *insert mythical place here.* But, this one said 3B in the title, so I was mildly interested. I couldn't figure it out at first, until I realized it was just a page to promote the old crappy blog, instead of something sexy and new.

Now, at this point I normally would have just pooped out on it again, but I recently started using google reader. It's this "thing" that takes "posts" and puts them in one place. So, I wouldn't need to say, remember to go to the blog to now read it. So I added this blog to my reader.

Reader #3!!! Whooo! My favorite post so far? Dammon saying Jason's rule of tyranny is over. :)



Jason said...

One day you will spell Damman's name right, I just know it!

Jason said...

ok.. I had to add the picture and label to this one, sorry

Mike said...

I'm pretty sure he won't. I think sometime over the years, Newman did in fact learn to spell my name, only he continued to misspell it on purpose (to annoy me of course). He then forgot he was doing so and forgot the real spelling, and continued to spell it wrong thinking it was right.