Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Ode to frequent flier miles

I have not sculpted the thoughts in my mind into word form in quite some time now. What can I say? She has been a busy busy summer. I truly have had a great and blessed one. Friends coming down to see me, family coming to visit, Tigers baseball in Camden, trips to the ocean and camping. All of it has been masterful fun and produced more than a few memorable pics to hold onto. No the giant floating duck is not one of them, but I liked it so there he sits.

This past weekend I did one of the more spontaneous and ridiculous things I have ever attempted in travel. At 3pm Friday afternoon I decided I was going to suck it up and make it home for a very special engagement party I needed to be in. That party was in like 4 fours, and I was still in Baltimore. Well I bought a ticket, rented a car (love teh inets) and hightailed it to BWI. I made it home to Detroit by 730p and found out that hey, that special party is NEXT weekend.

Well that kind of thing does not deter my spirit! Oh no, for my Mother and Brother whom were enjoying a beautiful weekend at the house in Ludington, had no clue I was in the state, let alone venturing through the night in a lil PT cruiser to come see them. Needless to say they were surprised as I walked through the door and a good time was had by all as I stayed for a short weekend.

You and yours? I hope you are well. Me and mine? Well.. me… I going to get lunch…


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