Monday, April 21, 2008

Teenage guide to popularity

So I guess this lil blog, for some ungodly reason, has over 1,000 hits. Cool enough, cool enough to be asked to join this site called VerveEarth. They link blogs based on geographic location. So maybe I'll try and write a little more. Maybe more about Baltimore? Maybe nothing.. hmm lets see.

I'll tell you a couple things. Super computers are cool. I just picked up my custom made 3 ghz core 2, 2 gig ram, geforce 9600 graphics card. I like this stuff.

Something that I don't like? Well maybe I do, but I was very startled by it. 1,000 pirates in the streets of Baltimore this past Sat night. Drunk, very drunk. I don't even begin to know what to think.


Abby said...

yeah i thought the same thing when verveearth contacted me. i didn't realize so many people read what i wrote. haha it's a cool feeling though.

Abby said...

ps omg i was there that night when all those pirates were in baltimore! fells point right?? this really drunk dude came up to me and said "Argh!! or something like that..." I wrote a song about it. craziness.