Friday, January 04, 2008

Damn it Google

So as a tech nut and verified internet addict, spyware, cookies, bugs, my private data being thrown about doesn’t really surprise me. I know it’s out there but it never bothered me since I’m not doing anything illegal or particularly care that anyone would ever be able to use my data against me. Well today I actually had a surprising shock for the first time.

You wouldn’t generally think your e-mails, the actual content written in them, would be open to attack would you? Well the world’s favorite e-mail, G-mail, threw me for a loop last night. A friend sent me a message describing her gluten (type of food) allergy as we discussed cooking. And what is advertised to the right of the page along with my e-mail? A plethora of links entitled “Gluten-free foods!” & “Learn to cook Gluten-free!” WTF Google? I understand if I submit a form, download a file, this or that, you tracking me. But reading my e-mails? Storing what I’ve talked about in my e-mails? That’s disgusting.

I think I’ll send a message a couple thousand times about how much I hate Google, see what kind of ads I get then.


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