Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Evil facial hair of doom

So Michael Jordan had a Hitler mustache in his new Hanes commercial. People are pissed and I understand why. My question is, do we as a society ever reach a point where a negative iconic physical trait can be used again? Have we retired the Hitler-stache for good? Would we be better off allowing it to come back, thus removing his power over it? Is there even any other physical fashion trait that is the same as this?


Slick said...

You know, that is a great observation. You are so right!
Will there ever be a point where you can walk into a Jewish temple with that stache and the people won't gasp and stare at you with their jaws dropped wide open to which you innocently reply, "too soon?"

Damman said...

Well we're still living in a world order that was largely established by the results of WW2. Time and generations will eventually wipe the stigma away. As for being better off....if we're not affected by the Hitler stache, than it's towel wraps at the airport, or teens wearing trenchcoats. It's all just a vicious circle of fears perpetrated by the man, man!