Friday, January 15, 2010

I know you want to hear my pretty voice

I get it, I have not written anything in forever. I suck. I didn’t even do a top albums of the year because I was so busy. My favorite two? Brand New’s Daisy and Thrice’s Beggars.

On the topic of music, I wanna ask a question. Almost everyone who reads this knows I was a disc jockey in college, most predominantly at the MSU student station the Impact and most sell-out-idly at Clear Channel in Ann Arbor. I miss these days a lot. I liked music and I liked talking.. surprises to absolutely no one.

Known to even less of you is I wrote my masters thesis on podcasting, yea I know crazy, I of all people have a masters, they’re just giving them away!

So the long and the short of it is, I have an itch to hop on my way too expensive computing rig and pump out some podcasts for my friends and family to grunt and bea… enjoy. This is where it gets tricky.

I would love to do an artist feature podcast. Play like 5 or 6 songs from an artist with history about the tracks, band, and scoops on where they’ve been and what they’ve done. Not just crazy crap I like, but like great bands like the Police or Faith No More and stuff. You download, listen to some tunes and learn a little bit to wow your friends with.

Well that is very much out the window as the RIAA would love to sue my ass for it. I typically wouldn’t mind saying F the police! (not the band) and doing it anyway… but since I kinda work in the industry, that would be frowned upon.

So other thoughts had been catching up with the 3B gang monthly, asking whats up, and having a collected update for the group. I could also just rant and rave about my opinion on music, video games, politics, sports.. essentially this blog in audible form… but who the hell would want to hear that? Outside of those ideas, I don’t have jack shit to talk about.

So… suggestions?


Damman said...

Really? Daisy? I mean, really? Well, a podcast would be fun. Honestly whatever idea we come up with would likely be just for the group of us to listen to. I also think it's a bit optimistic to say we could all or even most of 3b talking online once a month. Now, I'm not completely adverse to the idea. Something like an all around geek/whatever we feel like talking about podcast could be fun. You could probably get away with shorter (30-60) portions of songs I'd think as part of it. But I have to ask again....really? Daisy? Ugh.