Monday, June 01, 2009

Who even knew what a bucket list was before that movie?

So while Damman is talking about flowers, I myself have recently had deep and interesting thoughts occur in my brain goo. I met a girl recently who asked me questions I have not thought about in forever, the kind of stuff that makes you realize there is something going on between your left and right shoulder blade, slightly north of your food receptacle.

The topic of conversation drifted slightly to the mythical “bucket list,” but I always struggle with that term being so young still. I like to think of it more as a life to do list, and after the discussion, I went over this list again and again in my mind, really wondering what I needed to see before I melt away into the black. Well, I think this is kind of the start of a running “need to do before I am old” list… old taken into interpretation.

  • Visit three continents before I am 40.
  • Learn to surf.
  • Take at least one great trip with my brother before we both have kids.
  • Learn to scuba dive.
  • Visit every NHL arena.
  • Hike and camp in the Canadian Rockies.
  • Go shark fishing.
  • Take my Dad on one big hunting trip.
  • Attend E3.
  • See the Stanley Cup presented in person.
  • Help out in one grand philanthropic event.
  • Do something that absolutely terrifies me.
  • Take a professionally taught cooking class.
  • See the pyramids.
  • Brew my own beer, and make it not suck.
  • See the Australian outback.
  • Participate in some kind of triathlon.

I guess that’s a good start…


Damman said...

You need to add.....Find that awesome Cajun restaurant north on Abbott.

Jason said...

oh man, you are SO right