Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hey today, Thanks!

Dear Diary

Today was one of those days that come along once in a long time. They test you and make you think you can take no more; nothing worse can happen to make the level of suck go higher. Now I am not talking family death or home foreclosure kind of bad, but frustrating, gnaw away at the human spirit kind of bad.

It really began Saturday, where my hockey performance was deserving of an F. Blowing a tournament was not something I had planned on doing. Well putting my car in the shop for a $800 repair was also not on my list. No biggie though, these things happen, such is life.

All set to pick up my beloved 6 today, I receive a call informing me that “Hey, thanks for that first wad of cash, but you don't get it fixed until you fork out $1,200 more.” Well that did not please me so much. I put off picking it up to the evening however, so when I received my $800 un-fixed car, I would be that much less fuming.

Well nothing could make me fume more than when I obtained said car, I realized I was dumb enough to leave my Oakleys in the car. And guess what. They be gone. Fantastic, $125 shades stolen. Try as I might, I'll never see those again.

Then I am told I was not getting an interview for the apartment I wanted downtown, and oh hey, don't forget after arriving late to my hockey game tonight because 895 was closed, I got a hockey stick stolen too.

At the end of all of this, I feel beaten, bruised, crushed. I have lost a lot of cash and effort today, my spirit is lessened considerably. But ya know what, life could be so much worse. I lost material things and my spirit grows back. Maturity has set in and I have thankful for that, I am happy for better things to come in future days.

I'd still like my Oakleys back though.