Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cold war or rock throwing contest?

Three of Jason's favorite things... (in no particular order)

* Getting my ass handed to me week in and week out in fantasy football. Who is 0-5 bitches? This guy right here. I shall begin trading my best players at $5 a piece. Checks payable to Jason James.

* Getting my ass handed to me in IM hockey week in and week out. Eh, this really isn't new news, just a reminder we still play against people in a lot better shape than us every week. Tis the Ninja Monk way.

* Ok so I really enjoy this... North Korea tests nuclear weapon. World goes nuts over the implications, new cold war? world war three? And what does CNN put on their front page... The picture up top of a North Korean soilder throwing rocks at a reporter. So clutch.